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3D Pools and Landscape

In this continued article on build retaining walls in your landscape design I was talking about how building a terraced was actually counterproductive. It would be easier to just build one big retaining wall because the amount of pressure the one on top of the other would create too much pressure on the bottom one but you got above all you have to get it engineered for your landscape design to work-out correctly. You have to put your grid in it and you have to get city approval. Most landscape design workers try to avoid those things. If you landscape design the retaining wall right out of the gate is an important fact of an awesome noticing the types of soil you’re using. We’re doing a soil correct. This stuff is all the way. The problem is it’s over optimum moisture. It’s too wet. Getting the right back is critical to the long-term success in your retaining wall for your landscape design but even more critical is getting the right amount of drainage aggregate. Now the industry standard has to put 12 inches behind the retaining wall but I’m going to tell you to deepen that to 18 inches because it’s just cheap insurance that is going to insure you long term success. In this example the people who put this retaining wall for their landscape design put the drain at the top without any drainage aggregate for the water to have somewhere to go. We also only found one grow of geogrid placed in this wall right where we found the geogrid was the only place on the this site the wall still seemed to  be in tacked.  That how important it is to get the geogrid for your landscape design.

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