Here is an example of how a backyard is transformed with a great combination of landscape and hardscape design. A vanishing fountain, fire pit and outdoor furniture add the finishing touches to make this backyard an intimate outdoor living space friends and family can enjoy.

Story Of A Landscape: Opening Up A Small Backyard

Say the words “Georgia” and “backyard landscaping” and the first images that come to mind are likely the formal gardens of another century.

John Newman, owner of Hampton, Georgia-based Classic Landscapes, Inc., turned that stereotype on its head with a project he calls “Cozy Contemporary Fire and Water,” and contemporary is definitely the style as the project incorporates large concrete steppers in a random pattern, a concrete fire table and plenty of linear design.

Certainly, the way Classic Landscapes got the job is a bit old-fashioned. The company still does a bit of print advertising, and the owners gave them a call.

“They had a space that was just unusable,” Newman explains. “They’re really outdoors-type people who like their garden and like to cook with herbs, but the original owners had planted some privacy screenings that blocked everything and the grass wouldn’t grow because there was too much shade.”

At the same time, he says they had some very definite things they wanted to see in their new landscape.

“They had a deck that was very small,” he says. “They like to entertain but the deck would only hold about four people with some furniture. The wanted a place to grow herbs, they wanted a water feature and the fire table, along with lighting.”


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