3D Pools and Landscape specialize in custom inground pool designs for residents in Katy, Fulshear, and Houston. With over 25 years of experience, 3D Pools will provide you with the affordable quality care in designing your dream backyard pool. When you are searching to design your own backyard haven, our experts will guide you through a free consultation appointment to advise you on the perfect swimming pool. 3D Pools will work diligently to be sure that you receive quality care and reliable work for your dream pool. Katy, Fulshear, and Houston residents have everything they need in 3D Pools.

Who is 3D Pools and Landscape? That’s a question that many people ask as they look into our services and it is an important question. 3D Pools is a company that was started by a born and raised Houstonian name Dale Dentler. Dale graduated from Sam Houston State University and has 35 years of combined experience in construction and pool building. For the past 20 years, Dale has focused on creating a reliable company that would be known for creativity in designs, quality service, and even better end-products. Dale has put together an amazing team of professional designers, craftsmen, trades, and installers to assist his clients every step of the way. Every employee of 3D Pools and Landscape is prepared to serve you in any possible way.

Why choose 3D Pools over other companies? 3D Pools desires to not only help you create your dream inground pool, but also to form friendships that help assure you that you are getting the best quality service possible. One of the worst things that can happen in building an inground pool is having a company help you without really getting to know you and your yard. Why?

Because without taking the time to listen to your dreams, explore your yard, and carefully design the pool you could end up with a pool that looks nothing like what you originally wanted.

During your free consultation appointment, our experts will advise you on what design fits your budget and your backyard. 3D Pool advisors will give you insight into what could work in your backyard or even help you put on paper what you’ve always had pictured in your mind. Maybe your Houston backyard has limited space or areas of concern. 3D Pools will work diligently to find a way to make your inground pool work with the land you have. Our advisors are knowledgeable and happy to spend as much time as you need to show you what an amazing inground pool could look like in your backyard.

There are many designs that 3D Pools have built throughout our 25 years. There are designs for those who are seeking a backyard inground pool capable of bringing elegance to your backyard. When you want to host a backyard party for your friends in Katy, an elegant pool can be a relaxing component to allow your guests to feel more at home. Maybe you have kids who are looking to have a way to cool off in the hot and humid Houston summer. 3D Pools can create a backyard pool that offers privacy and excitement to your backyard. Whether you are looking for a pool with a diving board or one with ample space for many kids to swim around, 3D Pools will help you create a pool that will make your kids want to be home rather than go out! Whatever your dream pool is, 3D Pools will take the time to be sure every corner and curve of your pool is designed exactly as you always dreamed it would be. While the pool is obviously the focal point, that is not the only service that 3D Pools offers.

When you design your dream pool, you can also work with our advisors to design the finishing touches that can make your inground pool look like you’ve stepped into a whole new country. For example, a stone deck with coping and boulders can really make an inground pool feel like you have stepped into a natural rocky spring. 3D Pools will help you choose the best deck to accent your pool. Another way to accent your dream pool is with tiki style covered structures and even a small wooden bridge over a section of the pool. The tiki style covered structures are great for parents who are watching their kids but not wanting to roast in the Houston sun.

Whatever accent features you’d like to have with your pool, simply say the word and 3D Pools will do everything possible to bring them to life.

Along with the pool and deck, 3D Pools and Landscape can help you design the landscape surrounding your pool. Maybe your pool sits far away from your house and you would like to design a new landscape with stone pathways lined with beautiful flowers and shrubbery in order to help you begin to relax on your way to sunbathing by the pool. However, maybe your backyard needs to be a space to host large parties with the ability to invite your guests in without overcrowding your space. Whatever your needs are for landscaping, 3D Pools and Landscape will help you design and install everything needed to make your backyard look better than you ever imagined.

Pool designs in Katy, Fulshear, and Houston don’t need to make you feel overwhelmed. 3D Pools and Landscape will help you design and install the pool you have always wanted. 3D Pools and Landscape would be honored to join you as you look to install a wonderful inground pool. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for our free consultation appointment so that we can show you that we really are the best pool service in the Houston area.

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