In the greater Houston area, nothing can bring more relief than the phrase “fall is coming.”  For pool owners however, fall means can mean the potential build up of leaves.Leaves are never good for your pool, so 3D Pool and Landscape wants to give you some advice for keeping your pool clean from leaves.

One of the easiest ways to deal with potential leaf problems is to purchase a mesh pool cover. The mesh cover is designed to completely cover the pool eliminating leaf clutter.  The nice thing about these covers is that, if it covers all of your pool, simply blowing the leaves out of the pool with a leaf blower works great. However one negative side to this is that if you ever need to get into the water or have access to the water for maintenance like checking the chemical balance, you have to undo the mesh cover every time. Even though there are negatives to these covers the benefits could far outweigh them.

If purchasing a mesh cover isn’t something you want to do there are other options for keeping your pool pristine during the fall. The next few options however require more physical labor in order to keep the pool clean. The first option is to purchase a simple pool leaf rake. This rake, especially when attached to a extendable pole, gives you the option to rake all of the leaves that are floating and dump them out of the pool. While this does require work, it is effective to keep the top of your pool clean. However, the rake does not work well for leaves that sink to the bottom of your pool, so we recommend purchasing a self-propelled pool vacuum. These vacuums are perfect for keeping the bottom of your pool clean and the only work required of you is to empty the vacuum of its contents regularly in order to keep the vacuum working.

One thing that is very important for your pool during the fall is to be sure you are consistently keeping your skimmers clean. Keeping your skimmers clean allows your pump to function properly and keeps the pump working properly for a long time. Skimmers are your pool’s first line of defense in keeping unwanted debris from entering your pump. During the fall, your skimmers will be working overtime in order to protect your pool for the unwanted leaves. Make sure you do your pool, and your checkbook, a favor by consistently going out to clean your skimmers. The other place to check is your pump basket. There is a basket in your pool’s pump that is another line of defense for unwanted debris that have gotten past your skimmer baskets. Make sure that when you check your skimmer baskets you also check your pump basket.

Lastly, if you have fallen behind on your leaf cleaning and the bottom of your pool has become stained don’t fret, there are ways to remove the stains in your pool. If you look online or at a local pool cleaning store you can find products that will help you remove the unwanted stains that are now at the bottom of your pool. We hope that this doesn’t happen to any of our happy customers, but if it does there are ways to fix the problem!

3D Pools and Landscape is the premier pool design and installer in the Houston, Katy, and Fulshear areas. We pride ourselves in quality service and professional care for all of our customers. If you are interested in designing and building your own backyard pool don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our professionals will come talk with you and give you a free estimate on the pool of your dreams.



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