3D Pools and Landscape is the premier pool and landscaping company in the Katy and greater Houston area. Having been in business for over 20 years, our company is the best choice to meet your pool and landscaping needs. We pride ourselves in not only being professional, but also treating your property like it is our own. We will do our best to professionally and quickly make your dream a reality. When you think of landscaping, one aspect that you may not think about initially but is actually very important for a beautiful landscape is fencing.

When you think of fencing the first thought that comes into your mind is security and then of course the second is privacy. These are all very true, a good fence offers both security and privacy so that you can enjoy your home all the more. What you may not know about 3D Pools and Landscape is that we offer fencing services to all. We believe that fencing is extremely beneficial to the overall beauty of landscape design, but we also believe that a good fence is important for your security and privacy. 3D Pools and Landscape is proud to offer our fencing services as a way to protect your home and privacy.

When we receive requests for landscaping, one of the things we look at when we come into your yard is your fence situation. Depending on your vision, we may suggest a change in fencing in order to enhance your landscaping ideas. For example, there may be portions of your fence where we would suggest installing a New Orleans style wrought iron fence instead of your current wooden fence. This could enhance not only the view in your property but could also allow you to see beyond your property in order to see the beautiful backdrop of nature. While this is just one example, there are plenty of options when it comes to fencing that can enhance the beauty of your landscaping. A simple phone call to 3D Pools and Landscape can set up your free consultation meeting to find what type of fence works best for your yard.

One question that will surely pop into the minds of our potential customers is this, why should I choose 3D Pools and Landscape to install my new fence over another company that is a fencing company only? Can I trust 3D Pools and Landscape to do a good job? While this is a valid concern, we here at 3D Pools and Landscape work hard to be the best in each of our services. Just because we offer a multitude of services does not mean we neglect any of them. We would also say this; one of the benefits for asking 3D Pools and Landscape to install your fence is that we look beyond the fence. Fencing companies are only concerned with your fence whereas we are concerned with your whole yard. What type of fence would look good in this yard? Will this fence negatively or positively impact the landscaping work that has already been done? Will this fence work well with the pool in the backyard? These questions and more will run through our employees mind as we look to give you the best fence possible for your yard.

While we pride ourselves in our residential services, don’t forget that 3D Pools and Landscape also does commercial work. If your business would benefit from a new fence, please don’t wait to call 3D Pools and Landscape. If you are a restaurant looking to fence in an outdoor patio, or a local business looking to distinguish yourself from your neighbors we are ready to work with you to design and install the perfect fence for your business.

As you can see, 3D Pools and Landscape is the best option for all of your fencing needs in the greater Houston area. Over the 20 years of us being in business, we continue to pride ourselves in our quality service and our customer satisfaction. We will work diligently to be sure your fence is sturdy and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to call and talk with us in order for us to prove to you just how good we really are.

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