3D Pools and Landscape serves Katy, Fulshear, and the greater Houston area with our pool and landscaping services. We are honored to serve our neighbors by offering high quality landscaping design and installation, offered to our residential and commercial clients. If you are looking to make your home more welcoming or your business more attractive to potential customers, we are here to help. If you have used our services, here are some way to best maintain the beautiful yard that 3D Pools and Landscape helped you create.

First we would like to share with you some services that we offer. We install irrigation and drainage systems. Here in Houston, there are times where we can go into drought. This can slowly kill your plants if you are not careful. 3D Pools and Landscape has a team of professionals ready to design and install a irrigation system that will keep your plants healthy and alive. Another important part of keeping your landscaping beautiful is drainage. Houston also has the tendency to during massive rain showers. Too much standing water in your yard can kill your plants and invite mosquitoes. 3d Pools and Landscape can also help you design and install a drainage system that is effective and beautiful.

Another way that 3D Pools and Landscape can help you take care of landscaping is through our maintenance service.There are hundreds of yard companies all throughout the greater Houston area, so why go with us? What sets us apart is that we not only make sure your yard looks nice and tidy but healthy. 3D Pools and Landscape has a team of professionals that use herbicides to keep unwanted weeds out of your garden and yard.  We also use fungicide for unwanted fungus, and pesticide on unwanted bugs who can eat your plants and ruin outdoor gatherings. Nothing is worse than going to a dinner party outside where you have to constantly swat unwanted pests. We also take care of your soil using fertilizer and soil amendments, allowing your plants to grow stronger and faster. Our maintenance service caters to both residents and businesses. Whatever your landscaping maintenance needs are, no one will provide better service or care than 3D Pools and Landscape.

If you have used our world class services, make sure to have a discussion with our team on how to best maintain your new landscaping installation. If you choose to take care of your landscaping by yourself, here are a few basic ideas to help keep your yard beautiful. Water in accordance with the types of plants and grass you have, and remove all weeds. Pulling weeds, using herbicide to kill them, and placing down mulch in order to keep weeds from even growing is vital to protecting your plants. During the winter, if there is a freeze in Houston, be sure to cover your plants because they can be damaged by the cold. Google to see what plants need coverage during a freeze. To cover your plants, you can use a blanket or purchase a cover to keep them alive during a hard freeze. While we know that a freeze is rare here in Houston and Katy, being prepared for the random Texas weather is always a good idea!

Friends, we hope that this blog encourages you to consider trusting 3D Pools and Landscape for your landscaping needs. We are a company that will give you quality reliable care that your landscaping needs. From the day you tell us your dream, throughout installation, and continuing on with maintenance we will provide the best care in the Katy/Houston area. If you would rather maintain your yard by yourself, be sure to ask our team questions about caring for the specific plants we install. Our team of experts will be able to answer  any questions on how to keep your plants alive. For businesses, don’t hesitate to give us a call to maintain your business’ landscaping. The worst thing you could do is not maintain one of the first things potential customers see, your yard!

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