3D Pools and Landscape in the Katy/Houston area can help you create your dream pool. After your vision has come to life, it is very important to follow a few set principles in order to protect it. Here are some basic principles that can help you keep your pool pristine and ready for a party, play-date, or a luxurious moment of floating away from the hustle and bustle of Houston.

Let’s talk about how to take care of your brand new pool. Basic maintenance is needed in order to protect your pool from losing its beauty over the years. Always make sure your chlorine levels are sufficient. Chlorine helps keep your pool water clean from bacteria that is hazardous to your health.  The last thing you want is your children getting sick after taking a swim in the family pool. Chlorinators and chlorine tablets put in your your pump are the perfect way to keep your water clean while also not requiring too much work! It is also important to check the chemical levels of the pool, as using to much chlorine is also possible…making your pool unusable. A simple test kit can be purchased to help prevent too much or too little chemicals in your pool. Checking your chemical levels twice a week should  be enough to ensure that the pool is safe for your kids, family, and friends!

Another practice needed in order to keep your pool clean is brushing. Pool bottoms are liable to get dirty when wind blows the leaves and dirt around. Over time, if you are not diligent, this can stain the bottom of your pool. If your pool has a white bottom, it can forever be stained brown. Brushing will help you keep dirt, algae, and slime from forming. Using a brush is as simple as brushing the bottom and allowing the pump to clean the water. While once a week is probably ok, we suggest you brush twice a week in order to keep your pool looking beautiful.

are also pool vacuums that can be purchased to keep your pool clean. These vacuums attach to your pool and when your pump is going, it moves itself around cleaning the bottom. Be sure to clean out the vacuum bag twice a week at least in order to keep the vacuum functioning at a high level.

the winters in Houston are not necessarily blustery, it does become too cold to swim in your pool. Sometimes, pool owners forget to clean the pool as consistently as it needs to be because no one is using the pool. This can produce unwanted algae and cause bacteria to grow in your water. If you find that your pool has turned a slight shade of green, simple adding chlorine won’t be able to do the trick. This is where chlorine shock comes in handy. Using shock will make your pool unusable for a small amount of time, but it will do the trick in removing unwanted algae and bacteria. It is a much more powerful combination of chemicals that kills all the unwanted visitors in your pool. Remember to be careful using shock because it is a very powerful chemical. Another time to use shock might be after a big pool party with lots of people swimming in your water. Your pool will have more bacteria after everyone leaves and a simple use of shock can get your water ready for your next party!

Lastly, 3D Pools and Landscape suggests taking good care of your pool’s pump. This is the most important part of keeping your pool clean and beautiful. One of the first things to do is to keep your pump running for a portion of each day in order to keep your water clean. While you will do your best to keep your water free of debris such as leaves and grass, there will inevitably be debris in your pool from time to time. This debris can go to your pump, but thankfully there is a pool pump strainer that collects the debris and keeps your pump running smoothly. This strainer needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Around your pool you will see other pool skimmers that hold small baskets inside. These are designed to suck your water out of your pool, take and clean the water in the pump, and then the pump pushes the water back into the pool. Within the skimmer is a basket that collects debris (and sometimes animals). These baskets will need to be cleaned as well at least once a week in order to keep your pump running sufficiently.

3D Pools and Landscape are the premier pool builders for the Katy, Fulshear, and Houston areas. We are devoted to quality service in building your dream pool.  We hope you and your family are able to enjoy your beautiful pool for years to come!

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