3D Pools and Landscape is the premier pool and landscaping company in Katy, Fulshear, and the greater Houston area. We are a local company, with over twenty years of experience, that strives to serve our fellow Houstonians with excellent pool design, installation, and landscaping services. 
Within landscaping, one of  3D Pools and Landscape‘s services is designing outdoor kitchens, catered to your specific vision. These are wonderful for a multitude of reasons, but primarily it gives you the opportunity to BBQ some delicious food for your family and friends. There are many benefits to having an outdoor kitchen here are some reasons it could benefit you. 
The most obvious way an outdoor kitchen can be beneficial is when hosting a family gathering or event. Outdoor kitchens can be a wonderful way for people in Houston to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the oppressive heat. Your outdoor kitchen can be designed with fans, lights, and a huge roof to cover you and your guests. Installing a TV above your outdoor fireplace, to enjoy local Houston sports teams, would be a great focal point for your kitchen. Need a cold beverage? 3D Pools and Landscape can design a place for your outdoor fridge. 
Increases value of your home/ Energy Saving
Let’s face it, homes with a beautiful outdoor kitchen are simply more valuable in a sale than a home with a simple backyard. While you may not be looking to sell now, investing in a beautiful backyard kitchen could help you down the road. Maybe you know that you will not be selling your home in the future and want to know how an outdoor kitchen can help you, look no further than your energy bill. If you bake, fry, boil, or roast food indoors your A/C will go into overdrive to keep your home’s temperature down. Especially if you will be cooking for a large group, having an outdoor kitchen will keep your electricity costs low. 
Extends Living Space 
When you host a party, one major concern can be what to do with all of the people and the lack of space in your home. By hiring 3D Pools and Landscape to design and build your outdoor kitchen,  you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Maybe your daughter’s soccer team has just finished their last game of the season and you want to host the team without getting lots of grass and dirt in your home, or maybe you are having a big family get together and don’t want food or drinks spilled on your carpet. Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to keep your home clean while your guests have a blast. 
Being Outside is great for your family
Your family, especially your children, needs time outdoors. But, living in Houston means that during the summer outside time is limited. An outdoor kitchen is the best way to get the family to spend time together outside and beat the heat. Imagine a summer day where mom and dad are grilling lunch under the covered terrace while the kids are swimming in the pool. The outdoor kitchen is a great invitation to foster more family time. 
Eat Outside more, Eat Out less
 Eating delicious meals outside that you grilled, roasting marshmallows over the coals, or drinking your favorite beverage kept cold by your outdoor fridge will help your family cut costs by not going out to restaurants as much. Your newfound experience with the outside grill may even enable you to make meals that taste just like your favorite restaurant’s entrees. The outdoor kitchen will allow you the time to become the ultimate grill master and keep your family home more often. 
The outdoor kitchen will easily become the focal point of any backyard and rightfully so. It is an amazing place to eat and share life with family and friends. Let 3D Pools and Landscape help you design your ultimate outdoor kitchen. Whether you want something simple with just a covered terrace and grill or the whole nine yards, our experts can help you design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. After working with you to finalize a design, our team will work efficiently and carefully to design your backyard landscape that perfectly matches your original vision. 3D Pools and Landscape serves Katy and the greater Houston area for all of your landscaping needs. Feel free to give us a call and we will gladly show you why we are the premier landscaping and pool company in Houston. 
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