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3D Pools and Landscape

When you’re going through with and landscape design to build a retaining wall you have to take into consideration the kind of soil that you’re going to be working with and the load directly behind the retaining wall in your over all landscape design and finally above your retaining wall. So some of the basic changes in your landscape design you’re going to hear us make today on this retaining wall is we’re going to build one wall. We’re not going to build a terraced wall for our landscape design.  We’re also going to engineer this wall. We’re going to fortify it with geogrid which is important with your overall design. We are also going to accommodate for the load that the driveway places on it the driveway places a surcharge onto the retaining wall so we install extra geogrid to compensate for that. There is no point in spending a bunch of money on your landscape design if it’s going to fail on you later on. It’s time to bust a myth in landscape design. One of the myths is when you see a retaining wall collapse you don’t see the drainage aggregate. Actually the drainage aggregate is one of the first things that usually get washed away in your landscape design. If the drainage aggregate is going to be on this site it should be in this newly dug soil.

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