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3D Pools and Landscape

In this article about landscape design I am going to go in further detail on making your house more valuable. Curb appeal which I have talked about in past articles has a great deal with how much your house is worth. For this example of landscape design the yard I was working on was very bland and some of the grass was dying. Because of its location in New Mexico you can’t depend on rain waters to water the grass which is why the grass had been dying in patches. So I took out the grass and put in tan colored gravel. This is a good way of utilizing the location to create a landscape design that you wouldn’t want to pull off at any other location. Because it is rare to get opportunities like this I jumped all over it. It gave my landscape a desert type of layout and was low maintenance. When adding rocks to your yard you might consider adding some plants that don’t require a lot of water as well but they give the yard some design. Like a cactus for an obvious choice but there are also a variety of shrubs that you may like as well. So when finishing this landscape design I took out all the grass added some shrubs throughout the yard and put some attractive patio furniture that went along with a color scheme that fits a desert. Brown, Tan, ect.  This finishes this landscape design keep reading in further articles to see further ideas for this kind of set up.

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