In this article I am going to explain how to allow your landscape design to have a good color scheme. For my example, I am going to measure out the length and the side of my borders. Borders tend to have curves in them so I have to measure out different areas in order to scale out the dimensions of my landscape design.  Just encase you want  a visual my outer areas run a little long while the middle of my landscape design are more on the narrow side. The reason I draw out my landscape design is simply because you have to be able to plan your landscape design and get a visual of what looks good to you. I do this with all of my clients. The way I scale it out so it is proportionate with my landscape design is I scale it out to 1cm equals to 2m. I use a ruler for my sketch. Today I am going to use purple for my landscape design. I recommend using purple in landscape designs because it goes well with green and guess what just so happens to be green… That is right, grass. And just about every plant in the world as well. Purple is a very hot color and represents royalty and looks really elegant. It makes for an artistic landscape design. Today I am going to use wild hyacinth. The reason why is because they are easy to take care of and for this client they don’t want a lot of work. I am going to space them out in a cubed pattern across my landscape design and later in my garden.  

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