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Landscape Design Katy

Landscape design as one of our primary functions and strengths.  We want to turn your landscape design dreams into reality.  We have created landscape design for so many homes in Katy, TX and we want to continue to serve our community of Katy, TX and lead the industry.  Landscape is not just throwing a few stones and plants together.  You need a landscape design causing the finished product to look the best.  We include your landscape ideas and bring our experience to the table to create a high end landscape design that has your personal touch.  

Landscape design is both and art and a skill.  You need a creative touch that gives each landscape design an individual feel.  You do not want your landscape to look the same as every other landscape in your community.  You also want to make sure you landscape design fits the character of your home and community.  You want a landscape design flow.

In this landscape design example I am going to talk about site analysis. When starting landscape design the first thing you have to do is see what your landscape is capable of turning into. Most professional designers do not design as they go which makes this step a crucial one. They usually go by these two rules of thumb. They go by what they “want” and what they “know’. First we are going to talk about what we know. This first step what we know, means really getting to know the landscape that is going to be designed so I can make group design decisions later on. Making good design decisions allows us to deal existing problems with the site as well as accentuating the positive sides of the site. This makes landscape design easier. This can be as simple as choosing the right plants or choosing where a pathway can go along. All landscape design decisions should be backed up by good site analysis. Another good reason for site analysis is crucial is a lot of times the site can inspire the design because of its individuality. This is great for creating new ideas that have never been done before. A good way I chose to do site analysis is to make a record of these aspects using the acronym swot. Swot stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A good rule of thumb would be, is there any large plain grassy areas?  This would be a strength. A weakness might be any area that is rocky or on a steep hill because this would both make potential landscape design a little more difficult. This is the first section of landscape design. In the next article I will talk about the following steps of landscape design.

The part of landscape design I am going to talk about in this article is my sketch for my garden. When I draw my sketch for a garden I use the same basic principles. I start by drawing a rough outline of my garden. If you want to get an exact replica of your garden you can either look on Google maps to get kind of an idea of what kind of square your garden is so you can draw it on the paper you’re using for your landscape design. Another way you can do it is you can actually have people come a survey your yard for an exact replica of your garden. That is how I prefer to do my landscape design but you can use Google also. After you have figured out the outline of your garden you can start to think about your spaces and whether you want big spaces or small spaces. You can decide that by rather or not you want an open area or more individual areas. So with that in mind you want to start filling your garden with shapes. I would start by working close to the house to the outside areas. Particularly the door way. In a garden I think it’s safe to say the only three shapes we tend to use is circles, rectangles and squares. They should be interlocking shapes that create a nice shape for the garden. This is my favorite steps of landscape design because you get to be creative to how you want your garden to be. At this point we are just trying to figure out what combination of shapes looks good on paper not which plants go where. In the next article of landscape design I will explain the following steps of this landscape design. 

Now on my landscape design I am dealing with an average size garden. 7m by 7m it’s not entirely squared but it is close to it. On the landscape design I have a series of squares that are interlocking together. Now I can use this method going up or down. That just depends on the size of your garden. Once I have arranged the sequence of the shapes on my garden I can start to decide what each shape represents. If I was making this a low maintenance garden then I would really want to think about big open spaces for entertaining. Then I am mainly thinking about areas of paving such as laying stones, brick, gravel, or some sort of pathway in this landscape design.  Over course you would draw the pathway in areas that did not have a shape. If you want to lay gravel it could fill up the whole area but if you used stone or brick you might consider only using parts of open space for a good landscape design.

If you use bricks for your landscape design you can place them in a diagonal shape or side to side. The reason I like diagonal is it gives it a better design and it appears to take up more space. This is my run threw and thoughts for the drawing of my landscape design.

When I am designing a landscape design I like to start where I know and then lead to what I don’t know. In this landscape design that I am talking about today there was some bushes that were looking a little tired or malnourished. So I will want to replace those with a nice evergreen because those are easy to keep up with and don’t take a lot of maintenance which is something I clarify with all my customers before I create a landscape design. The next part of this example that concerned me was right next to the tired bushes there was some dead space where there was just nothing. Those are the first two things I like to tackle right at the beginning is replace anything that is dying and know how I am going to fill any blank or unused space. In landscape design this is very important for curb appeal which can add a lot of property value to the house so it is very worth getting a professional to do it but that doesn’t mean from a sales position that the plants in your yard have to be high maintenance. In fact, That can sometime be a turn off to a buyer. If the person likes to spend time taking care of their yard it is likely that they will make changes anyway because they don’t mind.  So it is just best when selling to make it easy. The last two things I do is trim back any branches that take away light from the yard if you have big trees unless the branches add to the beauty. Finally in my landscape design, I repair any grass that has died off. That completes a basic repair in landscape design for curb appeal on a resale.

I am going to explain a sloping landscape design next. In a sloping landscape design can be quite challenging, especially if you want to create different changes in level and it’s really important you get it right. So, I am going to explain to you my very simple easy to use method, it’s called the ostrich method. I like using this method for my landscape design because you basically stick your head in the sand and completely pretend there are not any changes in the level, but using this particular method will enable you to make sure you create something that is simple and easy to use. So, I will now explain exactly what I mean by that and how to apply it to my landscape design. Now what I really want to do in this example is take the existing patio and put in a new retaining wall with some steps, but I also want to take and board the rest of the landscape design so we’re basically going to tackle the level changes, but also do it in a way that makes the rest of the landscape design more inviting.  When making my landscape design I first sketch out anything that is a part of the house that affects the backyard garden such as a garage and then finish my basic outline of the backyard with that in mind. I am going to apply a slope on the front side closer to the house to start my drawing. I like to use slopes in gardens because creates the illusion that there is more room in your landscape design. When doing this I will make one big circle and one half circle for starters. The one half circle and one full circle is taking up most of my landscape design. I am using the slope I drew as the half circle. Now on the back side of the garage in my picture there is a small area, I am going to fill that with a smaller ¾ circle. Each circle is going to represent a grassy area and I can fill in any of the areas with a border.  For the border I am going to use overlapping lime stones.  For this landscape design I am going to use a bush called calluna to fill in the border areas. This is a pretty purple flower that is really popular. That concludes this landscape design.