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We are more than just swimming pools. At 3D Pools and Landscape we also provide quality landscape design and installation. If you want an inviting, charming area that your guests and family will love, you have come to the right place. We work with all yard sizes and commercial spaces. With our team of professionals, we can ensure an immaculate landscape.

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We offer a variety of services to enhance your landscape:

  • Large scale work
  • Small scale work
  • Pottery and planters
  • Sculptures​

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In this next explanation of ideas and strategies for landscape design I am going to help guide you in the process of how to properly choose the plants garden. Planning how you are going to plan your landscape design is vital to have a proper result. One step in landscape design that people always forget it seems like is simply just planning out what they’re going to buy. Instead they just go to their garden center and just buy all the flowers they can really quickly and fill their yard up. This is not wise in landscape design. The garden centers are never going to run out of plants. It is the time of year they make their most money so trust me they have plenty. The next step is making sure that you buy plants that are able to survive In the areas that you want them such as plants that need shade put them in areas that have shade. Same goes for plants that need sun but place them in sunny areas. This is why it’s important to think about your landscape design fist because if you impulse buy then you might just end up squeezing a plant somewhere because you didn’t think it out first.  So just make sure to do a little research before you run and get things. In the areas you have gaps in, are they in the sun or shade? What type of height do you want? All that type of really basic stuff. So the aim is that you make a list of plants that will grow in your garden and that will suit your needs so it is going to be in your color scheme. Lastly for these steps in your landscape design I recommend that you figure out how big your plants grow in time so you don’t cram too much in to one area. That is it for advice for planning your landscape design in the next article I will explain how you go about doing that in a professional manner.

In this article I am going to start off by talking about an important part of organizing your landscape design that most plant lovers and horticulturist get upset about most of the time. That is what actually makes a garden-worthy plant? Now if you are a plant lover or horticulturist, you might have completely different ideas on what makes something garden-worthy in your landscape design. If you think about majority of the time you’re probably viewing your garden from inside the house. So if you have put in a plant that requires a magnifying glass to see it’s leafs or flowers and you are really not going to be able to see it from the house well, it’s taking up space. So it’s not probably a garden-worthy plant for your landscape design. Now I like to think of doing planting scheme as having an orchestra and making music. Now if you’ve got a small garden or small orchestra, say you’ve only got nine or ten people in it, you’re going to have to be really, really, careful about what musical instruments are in that orchestra. You’re going to have to pick the ones that deliver the most. You know you can’t have someone in there if you’ve only got nine or ten people. You’re not going to have someone in there with a triangle going ding. It’s just not value, you’re not going to get the use of that person. And the same is true with your landscape design. You need plants that will do a lot more than just flower for a week. So think multifunctional plants in your landscape design. They have got to more than one thing. When it comes to picking a good plant for your landscape design you want a plant that perhaps has a green foliage, it flowers, it fruits, it’s variegated, it has an interesting shape. The more assets that the plant has, the more value it’s going to have to your landscape design and more interest it’s going to create. If you have a really tiny garden, that is even more critical. Now if you got loads and loads of space, yes maybe you can have something that only flowers for one week or one day but at least 95 percent of your landscape design to have more than one use that is ideal. You might have a few plants in your landscape design that have a kind of wow factor. Also have some legs to them or last a long time. And make sure you give thought to the color scheme of your landscape design. You want to find colors that go well together and match. That is it for this part of my landscape design.


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