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In this article of landscape design I am going to tell you some things you might want to consider and some things that you want to watch out for. In landscape design I am working on for this example the client as low maintenance as possible and with as few plants as possible. Even if someone doesn’t want a lot of plants that doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have a small garden because you can either have big plants of course or the spacing of the landscape design is done in a symmetrical way that has a sort of pattern to it. You might consider drawing out the landscape design if you are going to go for a pattern. Also, you might mark it on the ground to so you know where to dig. When considering the pattern you want to take into consideration the height of the plants and how long they will be that height. You want your landscape design to also be symmetrical in the future as well. It is also something to consider making more than one thing match but in more than one color. In the example I am looking at right now I may only put two different kinds of flowers in my landscape design and I will pick flowers that don’t require a lot of attention. To fill up the garden space a little more I will plant three different kinds of bushes that don’t get very tall or grow really fast. I am also going to match the mulch I get with some of the flowers. So I will consider that while buying the mulch and the flowers. The next step in my landscape design is looking for decorative vases borders and bricks. Decorative vases require absolutely no work and can add a lot to your landscape design. You have to make your decisions based on your opinions and the layout of your yard so every situation is different and that’s the beauty of landscape design.   

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