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3D Pools and Landscape

The first steps in landscape design when creating a rock garden is pick your area and take some flat rocks as a border and lay down your border. When I come up with a landscape design I feel that it is best to start with the border so I know what I have to work with. In the next stage of my landscape design I am going to fill everything with sand and kind of even it out. On top of the sand we are going to fill that in with pretty landscape type River Rock or something like that. The centerpiece of our little patio landscape design is going to be this real tall piece of slate. I’ve already dug a hole for it so we’re going to set it up right. Next I got my centerpiece rock in. I think that’s going to be a nice attribute to my landscape design. It’s a really heavy piece but at least it won’t blow away. Next I’m going to cover the bottom of my rock garden with liner so no weed grow threw my rocks. If you don’t add the liner you’re going to have a problem later down the line with weeds. At that point it’s too late you will have to get some sort of weed killer for your landscape. Right now I am at a place that sells river rocks for my rock garden and I am going to pick up enough for me to have extra when I’m done. I get different size rocks also so I can add interesting center pieces inside. This concludes my landscape design.

Landscape Garden