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There is no point in redoing the inside of a house if buyer is going to drive right buy it. This is what makes landscape design a very key factor in selling your house. Landscape design can be the difference in 10 to 20,000 dollars in value in your home so as you can tell it is important to do it right and is worth putting a little money into. This is the buyer’s first impression in your house or your friends or family first impression when you have them over. So my first tip when thinking about landscape design is makes it eye-catching. If you can make someone think wow, now that’s a nice landscape. You are doing your job the right way. Tip number two is simply keep your yard tidy. If you can’t deal with a high maintenance yard then make it easy to maintain. Sometimes that can be a turn off if you’re selling the house is that it looks like it needs a lot of attention to be kept that way. So keep that in mind when you are coming up with your landscape design. But you have to cover your basis like cutting your grass, edging up the sides, keeping bushes trimmed. These all seem obvious but can make the difference in someone just driving by your house or stopping to investigate.  These are just a few tips for landscape design there is a lot more to discover but if you follow these two rules you can’t go wrong.

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