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Tips to finding the best Pool Builder

If you are looking to build an in ground pool in Katy, TX, you are probably looking across the pool builders in the city and asking “Which pool builder should I pick?”

Here are a few important questions that will help you find the right pool builder in Katy, TX.

Is the pool builder in Katy, TX? 

It is great if your pool builder is located in the city you are building your pool.  You want a pool builder that is familiar with your city and your city’s building codes.  It is such a hassle when your pool builder does not have a clue about your city.  Also, you want a pool builder that works closely with your home owner’s association.  You do not want to get caught in the go between of your pool builder and your HOA.  You just want a pool builder that knows the rules from the onset and can design the pool around the rules.  You will not change the policy of your home owner’s association so you should just adapt from the start.

The other advantage of a pool builder in Katy, TX is a pool builder that is local will be far more concerned about his reputation in the Katy community.  You do not want a pool builder that will take your money and run.  But there is another risk of getting a pool builder outside the community, he will just not finish the job well in the same way a pool builder will that is local.  The pool builder has to walk around the community and see you at church or at the Katy High School.  He will be far more careful to give you the pool of your dreams when he has local accountability for every action.  I have noticed that pool builders over time that are more successful tend to operate in one community for most of their pool building career.  Why?  Because they operate off strong referrals in order to keep their business open.  You are paying big time money if they have to buy signs and buy TV ads.  But a community can keep a pool builder at the best price over the long period.  You will get a quality pool and yet get the best price.

How about your references?

Any pool builder should have references.  A nice little trick is to ask the pool builder how long he has been building swimming pools.  If he answers 10 years, ask him if you can talk to one of his references from 10 years ago?  It is nice to talk to a happy customer from 2 months ago.  But it is even better to talk to someone that had a pool built 10 years ago.  If a customer is still happy after 10 years, then they are a much stronger reference for the pool builder.  Any pool builder should have 20-30 references.  20-30 happy customers is not a very large number.

What kind of information can I find out about my pool builder?

Besides references, you have find out a great deal about your pool builder.  There are so many ways to check out a pool builder these days that go far beyond the BBB.  The BBB is a great place to start but you want to check social media and discover what facts you can find out about your potential pool builders.  Check facebook and read reviews.  Check facebook community groups and see who people in your community are recommending.  You might get helpful information from your neighbors that you do not even know.  People tend to be unplugged in the facebook community groups and they tend to tell the real story and experience.  Read carefully and even ask questions in the thread for clarity.  It does not even hurt to ask in your community groups if anyone has heard or used any of your potential pool builders.  The responses can be enlightening.  There are also apps like NextDoor where people are open about their experiences with different contractors.  NextDoor is community based and can be really helpful in getting solid feedback.