When I come into a landscape design and am trying to tackle a retaining wall one of the first things I do with the landscape design is look for the drainage aggregate at the bottom of the retaining wall in the storm sewer system. Another place it might be is in the untouched soil behind the retaining wall. If I am going to find it in my landscape I am going to look in areas by bricks inside damaged areas. Usually that’s where the drainage aggregates are in when person is drawing out their landscape design. That’s a big problem is most landscape design companies going to use the wrong drainage aggregate or even worse not use one at all in their landscape design.  In this example that I am looking at they used a very week footing material. They only gave themselves about an inch and a half thick material which is very week for a drainage aggregate. In a past article on landscape design I talked about how you should use at least 12 inches and as you can see here these people probably thought because they wouldn’t see it. It isn’t their problem. But in landscape design you have to make sure your project will last for years or you waste a lot of money.

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