Backyard Project

This backyards includes a pool that has a natural stone deck and coping, boulders, a tiki style covered structures, landscaping and an accent waterfall that all create an environment that feels makes one feel like they are on vacation in the tropics.

Elevated Spa

An elevated spa with a tanning ledge and bubbler water feature offer the perfect spots to soak and relax.

Pool Landscape

Here is a wonderful example of pool, landscape and hardscape in design working together to create a beautiful environment.

Elegant Pool Design

This pool type is a geometric shape that is simple, elegant and modern in style. It includes a travertine deck, elevated spa, tanning ledge, and three pedestals which include sheer descents that gently spill water into the pool.

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete deck is decorative, beautiful and long lasting. The angles and shapes created with both the deck and landscape make for an interesting and harmonious design.

Outdoor Living Space

A beautiful outdoor living space that consists of interesting shapes made from landscape, a decorative concrete deck furnished with a patio table and outdoor furniture. A small vanishing fountain for the garden, rock and gravel borders are the small details that make a world of difference.

Limited Space Pool Design

When working with limited space, a geometric pool will allow for the most pool area. Here the landscape acts like a border that frames a work of art. Benches and lounge chairs are added for extra seating areas around the pool.

Lagoon Style Pool Design

Lagoon style pools are the typical pool chosen to achieve the natural, tropical feel. They are characterized by their free form design, use of natural boulders, flagstone, natural rock waterfall and a surrounding tropical landscape.


Urns set upon pedestals add an extra touch of elegance and beauty.

Classy Geometric Pool

A classy geometric pool with a tanning ledge, three bubblers, pedestals that lead you to the elevated spa, and water feature wall at the back of the pool.

Seasonal Color Pool Design

Here are two urns set upon pedestals. They are filled with seasonal color and an iris plant in the center.

Landscape Pool Design

This landscape pool design compliments the pool perfectly. The rock and boxwood plant borders echo the shape of the pool deck and provide an intimate and tranquil spot to sit and relax.

Small Pool Design

This small pool provides a great place to come to after a long day at work. It includes a spa, pencil jets, and a wall that has three sheer descents that spill water into the pool.

Sheer Descents

Everywhere you look there is a nice surprise to be found. Landscape, urns and natural boulders decorate this pool. Sheer descents have been placed in various spots and a lazy river wraps around the elevated island. The bridge leads you to the island where there is a table, chairs and a covered structure. A beautiful place to gather with your family and friends.

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