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I am going to elaborate on how to build retaining walls and some of the mistakes contractors make in landscape design. This article about landscape design will hopefully help you avoid expensive mistakes.  I am going to explain to you some of the most common mistake being made with retaining walls that turn in to landslides. Educating yourself is the first step to avoid simple easy mistakes. The first mistake that people make is creating vertical joints in walls. It creates week points in your walls. I came across a retaining wall that was only two or three years old and it needed replacing. That is a landscape design failure if you ask me. The worst part of it all is they paid a contractor to ruin their landscape. So whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner don’t let anybody do the things that I am about to explain on your landscape design. The wall that I was talking about is sitting here in front of me right now and it is in ruins   which is unfortunately not uncommon. Unfortunately a lot of landscape design and concrete companies build a terraced retaining wall. This wall should have been engineered or built as one unit.  The reason why most people would design a terraced retaining loss is because they’re trying to cheat the system. They think that separating the retaining walls that they don’t have to engineer the wall for their landscape design but nothing could further form the truth. In fact, when you terrace a retaining wall you have more of a surcharge on the lower wall from the upper wall on your landscape design. So Your first rule to go by is don’t terrace. For more tips of things to avoid on your landscape design go to the next article.

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