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Envision yourself relaxing after a long day of work or enjoying a nice dip in the pool with friends. At 3D Pools and Landscape, we can turn your dream into a reality with our custom designed swimming pools. We work closely with our customers to ensure each swimming pool is one of a kind. Our experts are on hand to guide you through the process of creating the perfect getaway right in your backyard. 


Nothing says tranquility more than a waterfall. You can include a natural rock or customized waterfall to compliment your beautiful swimming pool. The soothing sound of water can be the added touch of serenity you're looking for. 

Swimming Pools 

Swimming Pool With Rock Fountain

Building a swimming pool is a large construction project.  A large construction project requires the skills of a variety of trades.  In other words, one person does not build your swimming pool.  A swimming pool builder is bringing all the right people together to build you a project you can call your own.  An in ground swimming pool is different than an above ground swimming pool.  An above ground swimming pool can be put together with a do it yourself project.  But most high end pools are built in ground now and this takes the expertise of a professional.  You want the very best swimming pool build by the most knowledgeable team.   You want a pool builder that can stand behind his/her work. 


What to expect when building your swimming pool:


At the start of the project it can be very stressful to watch as your yard is pulled apart by heavy equipment.  Construction will begin with the contractor laying out the size and shape of the pool.  An excavator will use his tools and equipment to dig the pool and cart the soil away.  He will need a certain clearance to get into your backyard with his special equipment.  Sometimes you will have to remove fences, shrubs or even trees to allow for the heavy equipment to have access to your backyard.  The excavation equipment is so heavy and it can tear up your lawn or even crack up your driveway.  A good contractor has prepared you for the tear down process and will let you know what needs to be removed for your swimming pool to be built.  The size of the hole for your pool will be roughly the size of the pool plus the size of the space to accommodate the plumbing and the setting material.  The setting material depends on the type of swimming pool you are building.  If you are using vinyl-liner and fiberglass on your swimming pool , the hole for the swimming pool will need to be slightly larger.  You will need to figure out what you will do with the soil that is dug up from your swimming pool.  Usually your swimming pool builder has some sort of plan for it. 


Quality Checks for Your Swimming Pool

Be sure that access requirements are discussed before work begins on your swimming pool.

Be sure that the excavator for your swimming pool does his best to avoid the damage to your property.

Be sure the contractor agrees to the repair from damage done by heavy equipment

Be sure excavation material is removed from the yard.

3D Pools and Landscape

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Accessories & Add-Ons 

Take your swimming pool to the next level by adding accessories. 3D Pools and Landscape can create fun water slides, enchanting underwater lighting features and more.