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3D Pools and Landscape

The topic of this article is the grounding section of landscape design. The grounding section is the part that lays your foundation, border, and framework for the rest of your project. The first part about grounding that I believe you should know is that 80% of your landscape design is Preparation and mix and 20% is actually curbing and putting things together. Next thing is we’re going to talk about trenching. We use a bed trencher that will cut a 10 inch swath and inch and a half deep which is a perfect foundation for laying your landscape edging in. This will eliminate hours back breaking labor in preparation. We have got 208 feet to prep today I’m guessing once I start the bed trencher up we’re going to be done inside of thirty minutes. We are going to use the bed trencher to give us our framework for our landscape design by butting a line down the contour of the lawn. And then we’re going to use a rake to get all the excess material out of our way. That is when you can start laying your mix for your landscape design. 

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